The following is a list of rules and guidelines for our organization.


  1. Have fun!
  2. Scott Rorie (Capt. Morgan) is in charge.
  3. What Scott says, goes.
  4. If you disagree with Scott, see Ann.


  1. All members of BotAC should have some form of a pirate costume (please avoid the cheesy Halloween shop costumes).
  2. All members of BotAC should create a pirate persona for themselves.
  3. Ship names will begin with DMB (Datsa My Boat!) and have something to do with storms, eg. DMB Thunderchilde, DMB Lightning's Hand, DMB Maelstrom, etc.
  4. Each member of BotAC should pick an actual pirate and learn all they can about said pirate.
  5. Flags are to denote "No Quarter" by the use of a red field.
  6. Each ship should include the name of their ship on their flag.